Here are some great tools to help you get started saving today!

Yes some of these items you will have to pay for but it beats the alternative at the store and will save you tons!

1: Mint.comintuit_mint_logo_detail

By far the best digital money tracking/budgeting system I have ever used. I still use Mint today. This will help keep track of bills and your spending habits digitally. It’s quite easy to get started.

Manage your money with Mint. See your credit score, track investments and more. Safe and secure. Free to get started!






2: DollarShaDollar Shave

I get all this awesomeness for $6
I get amazing razors delivered from Dollar Shave Club for just a few bucks. I personally get them delivered every two months because I don’t need to shave al the time but it works out GREAT! it you think about it, I actually spend $3 a month for amazing blades. Sweet DEAL!





3: LiveExercise.comalltrainerslive_exercise